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PADI Freediver Gear Recommendations

You will be able to get away with almost any type of gear. The thing to remember is that the more specific the gear is to Freediving/Spear fishing the better your performances will be.

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Mask and Snorkels

Make sure to get a low volume Freediving or Spear fishing mask. Not just a low volume Scuba mask. Some popular makes and models are:

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Lauderdale Divers at 1334 SE 17th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316.

For the Basic Freediver course you can make do with wearing the same gear you use for snorkeling or scuba. If possible, having gear that is made specifically for Freediving will help with your overall performance and better your overall experience. Below are items that you need for the course with some freediving specific suggestions.

PADI Freediver Training Overview


We are now an Aqua Lung Public Safetly Dealer

Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung diving equipment has been used for many years by Public Safety dive and rescue teams worldwide and has a reputation for reliability, performance and durability. Core breathing system products such as Apeks regulators provide field-proven capability and performance for SCUBA and surface-supplied diving operations in all environments. Key dive accessories, including fins, diver knives, masks and snorkels, have become benchmark products for the professional diver and the Aqua Lung group continues to develop equipment designed to meet the needs of the Public Safety market. Significant recent developments include ruggedized buoyancy compensators for Military & Professional use, and  surface-supplied diving equipment.



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